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Задание 1. Подбери к слову перевод.

1.accountant a) мусорщик

2. architect b) плотник

3. baker c) мясник

4. bricklayer d) уборщик

5. butcher e) шеф-повар

6. carpenter f) электрик

7. chef g) пекарь

8. cleaner h) бухгалтер

9. dustman i) архитектор

10. electrician j) каменщик

Задание 2. Прочитайте текст. Подберите название к тексту из предложенных вариантов.

A person is seen and evaluated through his behavior and communication with other people. If someone has a rich and beautiful inner world he or she demonstrates high level of social etiquette. Sometimes when we simply say “Hello!” meeting people and “Good Bye!” leaving, it shows our good manners. It is also necessary to use polite words in formal situations and when talking to strangers or elderly people.

  1. Table manners

  2. Public behavior

  3. Good manners

  4. Courtesy

  5. Bad manners

Задание 3. Установите соответствие между страной и блюдом.





a) pasta

b) roll

c) studen

d) tacos

e) sushi

f) zbiten

g) quesadillas

h) pizza

Задание 4. Прочитайте текст. Выбери действующее лицо из левой колонки и соответствующую ему информацию из правой.

Judy took her first job in a restaurant only as a mean to buy a car, but soon she like it very much. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked for a time as a line cook in Florida, then was offered the chef position at the Country Club. “I1m happy because I love what I do,” she says.

  1. Nick a) His mother couldn`t cook.

  2. Mary b) His father didn`t want him to be a cook.

  3. David c) She had plans to be an artist.

  4. Philippe d) His father was a baker.

  5. Judy e) She says she`s happy because she loves what she does.

f) He`s a pastry chef at a restaurant.

g) She is a head chef at the Country Club.

h) She is a co-owner of a restaurant.

Задание 5. Ответьте на любые 5 вопросов о себе. Запишите вопросы и ответы в форме диалога.

  1. When did you decide to become a cook?

  2. Who is the best cook in your family?

  3. Are there cooks among your relatives?

  4. Do your parents approve of your choice?

  5. Have you ever taken part in a culinary competition?

  6. Where would you like to work after college?

  7. Would you like to continue your studies?

  8. What do you like in your profession?

Задание 6. Заполните резюме



First name____________________________________________________________________________


Telephone number_____________________________________________________________________

Age______________________ Sex________________________________

Date of birth__________________________________________________________________________

Nationality______________________ Marital status________________________



Signature_______________________ Date____________________________

Задание 7. Переведите инструкцию на русский язык.

The Cook must know:

-legislation, regulations, orders another guiding and normative documents and materials related to nutrition;

-sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations;

-recipes, cooking techniques, quality requirements, rules, terms and conditions of storage of dishes;

-types, properties, and a culinary destination of products;

-organoleptic characteristics and methods of determining the quality of products;

-rules, techniques and sequence of operations to prepare products for heat treatment;

-assign, rules for the use of technological equipment, industrial equipment, tools, weighing equipment, utensils and care for them.

Задание 8. Составь предложения из предложенных слов.

1. Could, rest, have, we, a, room, in, a, special.

2. Juice, I, and, order, a, salad, an, orange, a.

3. Restaurants, many, offer, to, their, them, visitors.

Задание 9. Выберите нужную форму глагола.

1. It was 8.00 in the morning. A lot of people stood / were standing at the bus stop, waiting to go to work.

2. When I woke up this morning it rained / was raining.

3. What did you do / were you doing with that electric drill?

I was putting up some book shelves in my bedroom.

4. The poor chap died / was dying. All we could do was comfort him.

5. My eyes ached because I had read / had been reading for three hours.

Задание 10. Заполните пропуск нужной формой глагола have + существительное из приведенных ниже. Обратите внимание на то, что в сочетаниях типа have breakfast / lunch артикль не используется (но have a meal).

drink row look swim bath breakfast word day game time supper talk

1. “Did you _______ a good _______ of tennis?”

“Yes, I won 6-0, 6-2.”

2. I have a swimming pool at home, so if you want to _______ a ________ , just come round.

3. John! Could I ______ a _______ with you for a minute? There’s something I want to ask you about.

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